Shifting Sand

Shifting Sand

Often I stumble off to this place,
On those dullish sorts of evenings,
To this seemingly ordinary bank.
But, in spying that one jutted ridge,
My mind meanders like its racing bend:
My memory places you atop the salient
In the moment when those worthless shoes
Let your foot slip down the sandy pitch.
A prayer–a needless jolt of my heart,
For you found your footing again at the base
Next to my sunken toes buried one with the beach.

A blink and he is standing where you stood,
Scuffing fresh dust over earth that you touched,
And he glides through your conjured ghost.
A sigh and I turn, staring blankly at the water.
He digs in his soles, etching in his memories–
Pure erosion to the potency of yours!
Each slight shift of the sand
Scrapes away at the wholeness of my heart.
Alas, your muddy footsteps will fade,
But they will always exist here
In this common place that is
Now yours and mine
And his.


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