Cease to Follow

My mind – awake another quiet night,
Tapping through many a glowing page
All hues of the same white light
Until your face appears in a box of shade

That I fall into and that holds me still,
Forcing me to look upon your familiar eyes,
Testing then the full strength of my will
To tear my gaze and, to you, say goodbye.

For your eyes are warm with fresh aching,
A wounded blue, plagued with clouds.
And I cannot bear the choice you are making
To follow my storm and endure the shroud.

So my hand hovers there near your head
Over the one word that would clear the sky,
Erase the memories that keep your sorrow fed,
Where our thoughts are strung upon the line.

TAP – the depth to your face rises to the plane,
Back into the pool of faces I do not know.
Now the glowing pages never shine your name
In hopes that you, too, will cease to follow.



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