100 Days of Haiku [1-10]

Day 1:

Lighghts above our heads.
More than I have ever been,
So much so in love.

Day 2:

Though my mind made up,
Our fate is fixed in the stars.
Are we blessed to shine?

Day 3:

My mother held him:
“Please do not take her away.”
How I want him to.

Day 4:

Excess of sugar
In our food & in our eyes–
Candy-coated lies.

Day 5:

Short rays, short patience.
Heads, hearts, air – heat disturbs.
Excuse my few words.

Day 6:

Preemptive mourning –
Leaving you & this life.
Heaven is our love.

Day 7:

Two-hundred tea lights.
Soft glows the tabernacle.
He asks; she accepts.

Day 8:

Everything for her;
She rises, the lucky one.
“Praise! She is engaged!”

 Day 9:

I still think of you
When I am about to write.
Nonsensical. Quite.

Day 10:

Her. She. It could be
Me you speak of so vaguely?
No. Not I. Hush, Mind.


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