100 Days of Haiku [21-30]

Day 21:

All this time, I’ve tried
To write you a worthy song
Like the ones you wrote.

Day 22:

A Lover! Never
Thought I would ever have one
Preceding marriage!

Day 23:

My beauty waxes
And wanes with the pride I lose
Or gain from your kiss.

Day 24:

Ohio is home.
In the fall, summer, and spring–
Damn the winter cold.

Day 25:

It breaks my heart
That sometimes I wish for your

Day 26:

I spend ten dollars
Each’ I want to let you in.
Must buy cheaper vin.

Day 27:

It’s dangerous
Swerving to miss animals,
But I can’t help it.

Day 28:

I open my book.
Chapter: “Catching Cool Breezes.”
Presently, me, too.

Day 29:

Sad? Preparatory?
Our Cats are my pride & joy!
You’re right. It’s just sad.

Day 30:

Writing on your porch.
On a cool morning as this.
With you beside me.


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