100 Days of Haiku [31-40]

Day 31:

I will not stop you
Suckling my tender neck blue.
It’s proof you love me.

Day 32:

Caught you at a glance;
For the first time since The End,
You seem like you’ve changed.

Day 33:

Sadness and anger–
I am experiencing
Depression two ways.

Day 34:

Has ever there been
A bird with a fear of heights?
Failure to its kind?

Day 35:

I love you so much
It hurts. I love you so much
You love me enough.

Day 36:

Sometimes a sunbeam
Caught in my eye the right way
Can rescue me.

Day 37:

Stirred by memories,
Which haven’t come up in years:
Mother made me laugh.

Day 38:

“A fresh start,” she trills
As she unpacks our things
That still smell like home.

Day 39:

You find I am sick.
You hold a thermometer
In your hot mouth, wait.

Day 40:

How can joy exist
Inside this violent sadness?
Shaking. Bipolar.


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