100 Days of Haiku [41-50]

Day 41:

Headlights, glowing dreams,
Fading in the darkness ‘hind.
They’ll never catch me.

Day 42:

I have accepted;
Sleeping will always seem such
A waste of my time.

Day 43:

Sharp pangs of panic
Consume my chest, choke my mind.
My hold on life slips.

Day 44:

I submit, smile,
Desperate to obtain the
Conjugal lodestone.

Day 45:

Didn’t quite love you,
But perhaps I should have tried;
I love him too much.

Day 46:

I reek of fried food.
There is meat under my nails–
You should hire me.

Day 47:

I worship her, the
Perfection, the myth.

Day 48:

Demented passion–
Capable of in one’s youth–
Is yours remembered.

Day 49:

A whisper to you:
Carry me into your home.
Keep me forever.

Day 50:

I am not a sun.
All my life I’ve pretended.
I don’t make my light.


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