100 Days of Haiku [51-60]

Day 51:

“The leaves are turning.”
People say that ev’ry year.
“No, they are dying.”

Day 52:

Thirsty for crisp air
My face and my words quickly
Slipping through the door.

Day 53:

Read your letters
I have saved since August First
Your love might return

Day 54:

Between wake & sleep
Visions of my final nod
Seem almost welcome.

Day 55:

The bark on the trees
Matches the shade of decay
​On the once green leaves.

Day 56:

Only Elderly
Keep Tums & Melatonin
Perched at their bedside.

Day 57:

Sore throat—my excuse
To speak only the vital
To ignore you more.

Day 58:

To them share your pain
It is glorious, the weight
That lifts from your soul.

Day 59:

My greatest pleasure
Is to vision the birth of
Your envy for me.

Day 60:

Enchanted orchard
With rows of ripe fruit so sweet—
And he the sweeter.


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