100 Days of Haiku [61-70]

Day 61:

He can’t say the words
I banished them from his lips
Until he means it

Day 62:

I miss my kindred
Years now I have been unknown
Years more I shall be

Day 63:

Curls, teeth, fairy laughs–
Does she know of the Siren?
How well she wrecked you

Day 64:

It is amazing
How beautiful she becomes
When sure she is loved

Day 65:

Is it truly so?
“Better to have loved & lost”
When loss would kill me

Day 66:

West Wind, sustain me
Bring me back to the breath-source
Cover me in pine

Day 67:

Words in the Beginning
Spoken birthed the Universe
And flowed ever since

Day 68:

You are in ev’ry
Memory that I possess
That I care to keep

Day 69:

My fear prevents me
From laying even one brick
On life’s foundation

Day 70:

Late to my party
Sorry – But I have been dead
Asleep in my soul


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