100 Days of Haiku [71-80]

Day 71:

The pine needles fall
Like fragments of memory
From much simpler times

Day 72:

The house stands alone
In shade of tall, aging pines
In light of my dreams

Day 73:

I see my life here
Visions of could-be’s haunt me
Ghosts in the corners

Day 74:

My mind: the children
Running through speckled sunbeams
Falling in my arms

Day 75:

I see the porch swing
Through the white kitchen window
My husband reading

Day 76:

I will paint the rooms
Strew our art & sound about
Make it come alive

Day 77:

E’er—’til the end—
I will not believe that this
Is unrequited

Day 78:

How can you view them
And your heart not swell with want
For the joys they have?

Day 79:

I’ll wait forever
A vampire at your door
Invite me inside

Day 80:

A thousand miles
We both feared, for we both knew
Our joy waits elsewhere


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