100 Days of Haiku [81-90]

Day 81:

I knew that today
Would constitute me
Baking my own cake

Day 82:

All my belongings
Have become yours, of your house
Of your sole pleasure

Day 83:

Weight, a further depression
Upon my burdens

Day 84:

Day seeps through my lids
Happy Anniversary
I hope we make it

Day 85:

He used to see me
Take my photo, capture me
A sight worth saving

Day 86:

Oh, God of Mercy
I give you ev’ry part of me
Though there’s not much left

Day 87:

There! See that glimmer
In the distance, on the line
We call that thing hope

Day 88:

Here, how could they know
What I am capable of?
Repetitious this

Day 89:

Raw lips chatter words
How many times I tell you
Will it ever change

Day 90:

I awoke naked
Radiant warmth at my back
A mass—naked, too


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