100 Days of Haiku [91-100]

Day 91:

Desk by the window
Splashes, speckles, gold decay
Words fueled by autumn

Day 92:

Ripping sealed stitches
Lying with you when I know
You still think of her

Day 93:

Textures over plains
Yellow light over harsh whites
Change and some constants

Day 94:

Wake to your soft lips
Pink, breathing—my own waiting
Kiss your stubbled jaw

Day 95:

Write one last poem
For me—for her—for to know
You love me no more

Day 96:

Prepare. Perfection.
I will meet her once again
And devour her

Day 97:

Someday you will see
This was never about you
It was always pride

Day 98:

I hoped to see you
I donned my most flattering
Shapes and shades and sway

Day 99:

What are promises
If they are but mere habits
Dispassionate tricks

Day 100:

One-hundred haikus
I should feel quite accomplished
Yet I feel empty


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