Broken Pieces

You cannot leave me—you are mine.

You are not?

I distinctly remember you calling yourself worthless, is this not true?

If I pick up a broken bottle from the street & call it mine, no one should object to me doing so—especially not the bottle itself crying out! And how peculiar that would be. Not only because of the obvious miracle of an animated bottle, but because it would be absurd for it to object to even the slightest change of scene. Come now. The bottle is discarded, empty, broken, essentially dead; it belongs to no one because no one wants it.

But in me picking the bottle up, calling it mine, choosing to keep it, choosing to want it – in that process I have given it a definite worth, given it a special meaning. What was once a nameless thing is now identifiable: it is mine. 

‘Love is as much a choice as it is something that happens to you.’

I have chosen you, my love. I have picked you up, every broken piece of you in this miserable state. Even after time & time again of cutting my fingers & lips on your splintered edges, even after your silly objections for me to place you back into the misery from which I plucked you out, I have chosen to keep you. I call you mine.

I see the possibilities! I see the glints of light in the glass of your eyes. I have hope that one day you will again recognize the beauty & brilliance of your substance, not slowly dissolve in the hopeless acceptance of your condition.

And I have hope that one day you will truly see me again, look directly at me again—not through me, like you have been, like I am the mere broken bottle I once was, too…

I am not a broken bottle anymore, am I? Someone out there wants me, has redeemed me in my brokenness, has found me worth saving, haven’t they? Oh God! Oh God!—

‘Love is as much a choice as it is something that happens to you.’

Oh, my heart, how I do love you. How I cherish every fragment of your soul.

If for nothing else you should always know that you mean something because you happen to mean everything to me.

I pray you are the one to treasure my broken pieces as I treasure yours.




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