So I haven’t put up any new YouTube videos in a long time, however, I have put up some song snippets on my Instagram over the last year or two (#singingsongswithkelsey), if you are curious &/or desperate to hear any of my latest covers. I’m hoping that, after my wedding & honeymoon (!!!), I might be able to relax enough to record a full cover again!

07.07.14 UPDATE

My YouTube channel is now up & running. I currently only have one cover uploaded, but I’m hoping more music will come in time.


I used to have a YouTube channel of covers & things, but I took it down for the same reason I deleted my last blog; both were very hidden & short lived because they did not accomplish what I had hoped they would. Surrounding the creation of my original channel, I was going through a time when I felt very depressed, unloved, & unnoticed. Maybe I thought that “putting myself out there” & trying to connect with people through what I thought I had to offer would boost my happiness. It doesn’t sound like too bad of a plan, I guess, but the problem was that it—along with everything else, it seemed—never felt like enough. All of my works seemed sloppy & amateur, consisting of trite, unoriginal content, lacking anything unique. The reality of it was that having those sites, my blog & my YouTube channel, was making me feel even worse about myself. I decided that, if I wanted to have any hope of rising up from my depression, I would have to stop trying to validate myself through other people’s praises. Now that I have grown & have overcome a lot of those feelings of inadequacy, I am ready to put myself back out there—for me to see my own growth, not for me to gain the approval or the acceptance of others. That is the difference.

So, stay posted and I’ll post a link to my new YouTube channel when it is up & running.

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