Whimsy Love

Summoned to the black & white,
Given the spotlight in my mind.
The deep ripples reach my heart.
“He is gentle, he is kind”

Smooth as honey, warm as tea,
Waking songs thick with history.
My shell prevents me tell you:
“I long to hear yours & mine!”

Let me pull a chair beside you
With the music, stoop & sway,
Lay my timid hand upon yours
As it proceeds to softly play.

Allow dark eyes watch your lips
Curl sweetly at pink corner tips,
Float off into a whimsy love
That may only last a day.



Rising Day

A subtle, rising glow of light breathes gently upon the foot of darkness; morning waits beneath the horizon, building slow anticipation for the wide & shivering faces already packing themselves into frosted vehicles to start the day.

The foaming orange wave swells & crashes against the receding purple veil, gradually washing away into the signature blue sky that blesses us in the daytime—but not before finishing its grand entrance, anything but routine, a new show every sunrise; it is the purpose & joy of the proud sun to perform for all creation, awing us with its brilliant displays of color & light & warmth, illuminating the stage & allowing the sky to be seen.

A thin break of red flashes just under the curtain, almost open, the final gesture of the prelude, which rolls into the next scene. The painted clouds freeze for a moment on the closing frame. The earth smiles—I capture a picture—& the colors slowly sink into the still blue.

Act Two.

I Dreamed I Had a Daughter

I dreamed I had a daughter.

She was dark-haired with big, searching eyes. She was small & quiet, quick & happy. She was the happiest when I was near her.

She loved to babble about the silliest yet the most intriguing things. She ceaselessly asked questions, danced goofy little dances, sang nonsense songs that meant the world to me.

I miss her. I hope I meet her one day. I hope she has a brother—oh! with my dearest’s sweet lips & strong hands… I hope I dream of him when I fall back to sleep.